See statistics from all flyers

In you can extract an amount of data onto your screen and sort through it via direct link to the specific advertisement or page in the flyers.

Extract and analyze in Excel

If you need to analyze large amounts of data, gives you the opportunity to download large amounts in csv format that can be opened in Excel or our own template

Archive of flyers saves a digital copy of the flyers. In the archive setting you can look through old flyers and for example analyze the companys concept of layout

We cover the following shops - amongst others:

Kiwi Meny Bunnpris
Coop Extra Coop Marked Coop Mega
Coop Obs Coop Prix Europris
Joker Matkroken Rema 1000
Rusta Spar - Eurospar Sparkjøp
Clas Ohlson Coop Elektro Elkjøp
Soundgarden Teknik Magasinet Power
Kjell & Company NetonNet Elon
Bauhaus Byggeriet Byggern
Byggmax Byggtorget Coop Byggmix
Coop Extra Bygg Coop Obs Bygg Gausdal
Jernia Maxbo Monter
Neumann Bygg Plantasjen XL Bygg
Felleskjøpet Jem & Fix Byggmakker
Jula Megaflis Mekk
Christiania Glasmagasin Kitchn Nille
Møbler og innredning
JYSK Skeidar Christiania Belysning
BR Leker Extra Leker Kozmos
Ringo Toys R Us Yes! Vi leker

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